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During this crisis, Bella Mondo Images will not be scheduling any in-home sessions until at least 1 June 2020.  During this time we will still be available to discuss both in-home and out-side sessions. Please use our contact information on the left or you can call 585-857-9371. Anybody contacting us during this time will receive a 25% discount when booking our Silver Session Program after 1 June 2020.
Thank you 
Pets are links to paradise. They don’t know evil… or jealousy… or discontent.  To sit with a pet on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden. Where doing nothing was not boring… … it was peace
Pets by Bella Mondo Images is committed to help rescue pets, so we have partnered with local animal shelters/rescues. It has been shown that professional pictures increases the changes of pets being adopted when they appear on Social Media.
Pets by Bella Mondo Images is also committed to help families preserve memories of our beloved pets. Our pets bring us joy, try our patience, and break our hearts. Why not preserve these moments with a professional pet portrait.
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